How Would It Feel To Transform Your Side Hustle Into A Solid, Scalable Business That Is Built Around Your Capabilities?

To ditch the tactics you see your favorite entrepreneurs doing and craft your own approach.

Your "hobby" or side hustle that you created to help you earn extra money or to help fill that void that your 9-5 doesn't, has the ability to create more options for you and your family than you can imagine. You started this business for a reason and now you are feeling lost inside of it after implementing numerous "proven tactics," downloading countless fool proof freebies and attending hours of free webinars.

Imagine the time you will save when you're not attending free webinars that don't teach you how to solve your problem. How about the amount of confidence you will have in your product after you approach conducting business in a way that is for you. Or lastly, the relief you will have when you are no longer haggling prices and hustling to make a sale from a problem client.



28 Days To Building Your Business Foundation In A Way That Is Natural To You.

This self-paced course is not only based off my experience, but it teaches you the basics that are shared, used, and proven to get results from big name companies such as Amazon and Apple.  

By The End Of This Course You Will Be Able To...

  • Exude Your Values

    You will be able to establish what your business values are and how to weave them into your business services.

  • Show-up Authentically

    You will no longer feel like a stranger in your business because you will remove things that do not align with who you are.

  • Speak To Your Ideal Client

    You will be able to speak directly to your ideal client and stop wasting precious time on those who do not value you or your work.

Perks Of Joining The Society

All the good stuff you need to help you on your journey

  • A year's access to course modules to help you whenever you get the itch to start showing-up unauthentically

  • Four video modules that are released weekly to give you time to work through and understand your journey

  • Lifetime access to the exclusive FB group to build a network with fellow side hustlers

Are You Ready To Show Up Authentically & Stop Running Your Business Like A Hobby?

This course is valued at $797 but you can enroll today for instant access for a special investment of $197

We Promise You Will Evolve..

We want you to feel absolutely comfortable when choosing to join the Side Hustle Society and we guarantee that you will be able to show up more authentically than ever in your business at the end of the 28 days. We are so confident in our program that if on the 30th day you contact us and you do not feel empowered to show-up authentically we will offer you a 45 min Strategize my Authenticity 1:1 Session valued at $150.

See What One Of Our Students Had To Say

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Now I am Proud To Share My Story

Shunnita Washington

Before attending the Side Hustle Society I was ashamed to call myself a professional photographer because I wasn't full time in my business. After working wi...

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Before attending the Side Hustle Society I was ashamed to call myself a professional photographer because I wasn't full time in my business. After working with Lindsay and learning how my background and unique situation set me apart from other photographers. I learned to use my life experiences to explain my why in a way that resonated with clients that I want to work with and to book them for my services. The Side Hustle Society transformed the way I looked at juggling my business and my 9-5.

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Meet Lindsay Tramel-Jones

Instructor & Brand Identity Designer: Transforming Your Brand Straight, No Chaser

I have been helping people just like you transform their side hustle & start conducting business in a way that gave them the freedom to show up as themselves.

I know what it feels like to juggle a 9-5 and a business. I understand that time is limited and complexity only eats up time while leaving you lost and confused. This is why I created the Side Hustle Society to be self-paced, eliminated long video modules and kept workbooks to the point. It is for people just like you and I, side hustlers.

Side Hustle Society Is Right For You If.....

You are ready to stop wasting time and being exhausted because you are running your business in a way that doesn't align with who you are.

The Truth- No Sugar Coating

Don't let another day go by that you are standing in the way of your own growth because you were afraid to invest in yourself. You need to get inside the course today to start making a change for the better. You've made it this far, here are some things that may be holding you back.

  • I can't afford it right now? The price will be increasing & now is the lowest price that it will be available.
  • Do I need to invest in this? If you are not willing to invest in yourself, nobody else will. This is not an investment in a program, but an investment of good faith in yourself.
  • I've adapted other systems and they didn't work. The difference in adopting someone else's methods and crafting methods that are tailored specifically for you is the usability, relevance, and results. You won't be adapting methods, you will be creating your own.
  • When will I have time to complete everything? This is all self-paced and I know life hits hard sometimes. This is why I grant you a year's access to the content. It empowers you to be able to work at your own pace.
  • I'm afraid I can't commit to the transformation. Change is scary and we often back out because we don't know what is on the other side of change. That is where the free Facebook group comes in. We are here to support you on your journey.

Don't Waste Anymore Time that you Don't Have

Act now to take control of your business and have it to start working for you.